Welcome to Dashmesh Khalsa College

Gurmat Bhawan is set up in the college premises in order to inculcate feelings of divinity and spirituality among students and staff members. The members of the staff and students under the guidance of Gurmat Society recite Shabad Kirtan, Ardas and HukamNama and perform Gurmat Seva throughout the session as per Sikh maryada under the guidance of Gurmat society.

The objective of these religious activities is to develop the qualities of truthfulness, kindness, tolerance and respect among students. The college invokes the blessing of the Almighty with “Ardas” at the beginning of every academic year. Every month ‘Sangrand’ which marks the beginning of a new month according to the Sikh Calendar is celebrated with the recitation of Japji Sahib and kirtan. Path and kirtan is mainly recited by the students under the guidance of the members of Gurmat Committee. The college is named after tenth Sikh Guru, Dashmesh pita, Guru Gobind Singh Ji and to seek Guru Ji’s blessing the college every year celebrated Prakash purav by reciting Akhand path in the college campus. All students partake in the Path, kirtan and ‘Guru Ka langar’ which follow.

The Gurmat society organizes various religious activities like seminars, Path Sri Sukhmani Sahib, Participation of --students in Nagar Kirtan. The college administration and Gurmat Society every year organizes religious tours for the students so that they can know the rich Sikh heritage and Sikh culture.


Dashmesh Khalsa College

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